The Music Festival relies on its membership. Members and Friends provide the continuity and financial support which are vital to its success. Non-members wishing to buy tickets will be made temporary members for the duration of the Festival, but are not entitled to Member benefits.

Members: the annual subscription is £10 per person. Members have one week’s priority over general booking. They may buy one annual garden pass each at the special price of £15 (normally £29) and they become ordinary members of the charity, the Great Comp Music Trust.

Friends: the annual subscription is £30 for one person and £40 for two people at the same address. Friends have the same benefits as Members but also one week’s priority over Members when booking and they are invited to the Friends’ Champagne Reception and Recital on Sunday 6 August. This is free of charge and provided at no cost to this Festival. All subscriptions are eligible for Gift Aid. Gift Aid forms need not be completed every year if the donor indicates that the arrangement is ongoing.

Annual garden pass: for those buying an annual garden pass with their subscription, the membership ticket (Friend or Member) is also a voucher to be presented when first entering the garden and a garden pass will be issued. Vouchers must be exchanged no later than 30 June 2023. The expiry date of the pass will be one year from the date of issue.

When booking opens for Friends on 22 May and for Members on 29 May, membership subscriptions and garden passes for 2023-24 can be paid for online here.  2023 Music Festival memberships are valid until 30 April 2024.